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The TüV Rheinland is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. Since our foundation in 1872, we have been developing safe and sustainable solutions for the challenges arising from the interaction between man, the environment and technology.As an independent, neutral and professional organization, we are committed to working towards a future that can fulfil the needs of both mankind and the environment in the long term.

项目协调员实习生 CS Intern (Shenzhen)


Job Responsibilities:

  • To act as one contact window to customers after an order is created
    1. Proactively contacting customer to explain our general order processing procedure and the essential documents request as well as any other company policies.
    2. Handling daily client's inquirie.

  • To ensure the smooth order processing, increasing lead-time catch up rate
    1. Create order, update status in database
    2. Communicate with relevant groups
    3. Collect required documents, sample
    4. Follow up every order processing status and send out status report.
    5. Remind clients of their balance payment during our engineering preparation of test report
    6. Well communicate, understand and support customers’ demand during order processing

  • To provide daily support to project team as below related work:
  • Creating the draft certificate, Support certifier to issue certificate; uploading the document to system
  • Sample receiving: Receive and register all sample for peripheral line
  • Additional tasks assigned in accordance with position holder’s experience/expertise by direct supervisor.


    Job qualification:

    1. The junior and senior undergraduate students who have unlimited majors and have a certain time to participate in the internship work. 大三、大四大专/本科在读学生,专业不限,有一定的时间可以参与实习工作;

    2. English can be read and written, conscientious, familiar with Excel, active; 英语可以读写,认真细心,熟悉Excel,主动积极;

    3. Teamwork awareness, good communication skills, be serious and careful 有团队合作意识,良好的沟通能力,做事认真仔细;

    4. Can guarantee 3-5 days to work (Monday to Friday for the workday), and can work at least 2-3 months. 能够保证一周在工作日工作3-5天(周一至周五为工作日),并能至少持续2-3个月.




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